Reasons why stickers are a powerful marketing tool 
Reasons why stickers are a powerful marketing tool 

Reasons why stickers are a powerful marketing tool 

Wait, stickers are a marketing tool? Really? Don’t they belong in children’s books and on playgrounds?

If those were your first thoughts when reading this headline, buckle up, because we are about to blow your mind.

Custom-printed stickers are among the most powerful marketing tools available – and you can use them no matter your size or industry.

This blog post will share our top three reasons why you should find a sticker maker and include sticker marketing in your next campaign planning.

Ready to jump in? Then let’s go.

  1. Messages that last

Stickers are durable. Flyers or brochures tend to get crumpled up and often end up in the bin. Not stickers though, especially if you choose the right materials.

If you are after weatherproof and scratch-resistant stickers, we recommend finding a UK supplier of custom vinyl stickers like this one. These ensure that your message remains intact, no matter where you put them.

Other than flyers, stickers are visual cues you can place around your target audience or a community. They do not depend on human interaction, but simply have to be seen. 

This makes bulletin boards to street signs and lamp posts the ideal platform for your marketing – with permission, of course.

Sticker marketing is a great way to reach a wide audience and create brand awareness at no cost.

  1. Think outside the box

You’ve probably experienced sticker marketing in your life without even realising it. When was the last time you opened a package and saw branded sticker seals? A clever way to keep products safe and feature advertising messages.

There is no limit on using your custom stickers. After all, they can be made for any size, shape, or style. The perfect fit for any industry!

Think of sticker labels on packages or products. They are an ideal way of getting information across at a glance – such as ingredients lists on food products, care instructions on clothes and accessories, and contact details integrated into clothing tags.

Or look at your shipping boxes and shopping bags. Could their looks be elevated by adding branded stickers? The same goes for your shop windows or vehicle fleets. The only limit is your imagination.

  1. Use the power of reciprocity

Custom sticker marketing is an ideal way to build on the power of reciprocity.

The reciprocity principle is a psychological phenomenon where people feel compelled to return something positive after having received something they cherish.

Usually, this is a gift. Gift-giving has long been a part of marketing. However, finding the bliss point between return on investment and adding real value to your customers’ experience can be difficult.

Stickers are the ideal option here. When we receive free stickers, we do not think of them as advertising. Instead, we think of them as gifts. And this is where the reciprocity principle is activated.

Customers who received a gift are more likely to buy your products again or recommend your business to a friend. All for the price of a few stickers.

Use custom logo stickers, sticker packs, and sticker sheets for giveaways – either in person or online! Give these out at events, trade shows, or add them to every order and watch your brand grow!

Ordering bulk stickers are a powerful and economical way of marketing, from creative startups to large corporations. Are you ready to try custom stickers out yourself? Then let us know in the comment section below.